GENPOP has been hard at work on an unannounced competitive team-shooter.

We believe that players should be able to give input on what's important for them in a game. That's why we've been fostering a community of players throughout development. They are as much a part of the team as the people building the game. If competitive team-shooters are your thing, we welcome you to join our community.


Everyone at Genpop wants to make SLIMECORE a super fun and unique multiplayer game that you'll want to play every day. We want players to get sweaty outplaying their opponents and feel good about it whether you are super competitive or just play for fun.

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Play an influential role in the development of an exciting AAA hero-shooter

Our community plays a critical role in shaping up SLIMECORE. The game is in a very early stage where your comments will have an impact on the very foundation of the gameplay, and you'll see a bunch of features come and go as we learn from your gameplay. You'll also get to experience how a AAA game is made.

Directly interface with the developers to share your opinion and ideas

We want to hear if you have a strong opinion on any aspect of SLIMECORE or if you have an amazing idea that will make the game even more fun. Have any questions for the devs? Ask away!

Be a foundational part of our growing community

We were lucky to be in a position where we could start building up a community for our game early. We're a tight knit community that will continue growing as we go through our development cycle, and you have the option to join us and help us shape our server, be a familiar face for our future members, or just share your best memes.

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