Patch Notes - Pre-Alpha 4 (0.0.4)

March 6, 2023
Jan 1, 2023 to Mar 16, 2023


Updated menu! New logos! New app icon!

Ult system added. Cyra is first to get an ult

Slime form feel and VFX improvements

Ping System Added

Quick Chat Added



Upped their primary damage to help reinforce them as a shooter

Reduced their grenade damage to make the first talent pick a little harder

Doubled down on the Quick Reload talents to make them more powerful overall


Cyra is now an influencer/support character

Ult system added to Cyra

  • Has a meter that you fill with slime

Found and addressed a number of big Cyra bugs:

  • Ult not affecting enemies in slime form
  • Slime form ability disappearing after using slime charge
  • UPDATE: no longer sniper, right click turns into rifle

No more crazy basil jumps 

  • PropulsionMaxUpStrength - 4000 -> 3000
  • PropulsionMaxUpStrength - 4000 -> 3000

Cyra has had a massive tune up overall! Almost everything I swear

Detonating marks with the charged shot should now be far more reliable and deadly

Cyra has the first showing of our slime based ult system. Get more slime get more ults


Balancing expected character range

Isolation will no longer get claypool into a unrecoverable state where they cannot leave

Reduced the reach of their primary and secondary attack to better match their current size 

Shifted some damage from their primary attack to the secondary for better bonks

Got a bunch of more defense overall to help make health more of an effective choice


Selector’s Boom Beat and Fresh Beat abilities received a nice VFX update

Reduced their burst healing but made their healing cheaper overall to make them less spiky and more consistent 

Give them a bit more reservoir room to work with

Make it easier to maintain a combo in general by losing less stacks

Maps & Gamemode

Slimeway Drive

The capture point at the center of Slimeway Drive got a new visuals

  • Crystal inside see through glass tube

Pushpoint Capture

  • We've increased the amount of slime needed to fill the point to make tense fights over a point a little more common
  • To help make depositing easier we've made the boss monster show up a little sooner so you can fight over them and get that sweet deposit buff
  • It's also easier to get slime! Vending machines are easier to kill
  • In addition to that we've revamped experience so everyone should reach their fifth talent more often when the match comes down to the wire
  • Increase Average Duration of the Match
  • Majority of Games see a high max level character
  • ~70% Games get at least 1 player to level 5
  • Slime Depositing & Slime Availability
  • Balance based on increasing the game time 
  • Preserve Slime and Vending machines availability across the map
  • Smashable Vending Machines
  • Small Vending Machines are Smashable!
  • Can be destroyed quickly and efficiently by all classes
  • Boss Mob
  • Create enough space for interesting counterplay & teamfights



  • Momentum system added
  • Wall run improvements
  • New Movement Profile Tech Setup
  • Updated movement profile to show off tech improvements
  • Jump Refinement
  • Balanced Jump Heights/Distances across all heroes
  • Including Slime Charge/Jump

Radial ping menu

  • Click and hold ping button

Quick Chat

  • Suuuuper basic version 1, no icons yet but you can press and hold [,] to open the quick chat menu and send messages like capture point, help me and such

Health and Combat

  • We've done a general health and defense balance across our heroes to spread out the ranges and give the various penetration talents some room to shine
  • In addition to that we've adjusted slime form hitboxes to better match their shape
  • To help fights close out more consistently we increased the time before passive healing kicks in 
  • We bumped up reload times for our shooter heroes to help open them up to moments of weakness while reloading
  • Balance to Health & Recovery
  • Issue: Too quick to recover
  • Health & Armor Revist
  • Heroes have a reasonable meaningful disparity on health and armor
  • Balancing TTK Across Classes
  • Ensuring the fights between different classes feels balanced around character expectations
  • Guideline: 2-10 seconds
  • Reloading
  • A small increase to reload overall before it feels bad due to lack of feedback

Bug Fixes & QoL Changes

New directional hit indicator

Slime form improvements, performance

  • Default Slime form now has horns
  • Extra slimy VFX added to slime form jumps, lands and sprint

Slime form directional tilt (right/left and forward/backwards)

More slime form face reactions 

  • Blink
  • Hurt
  • Exhausted
  • Debuff
  • Buff
  • Ability
  • Slime Charge
  • Lose
  • Win
  • Hit

Updated menu! New logos! New app icon!


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